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Bigger Isn’t Always Better

The Olympic motto has always been Citius, Altius, Fortius, which is Latin for ” Faster, Higher, Stronger,” but is the latin word Maior about to be added? Maior which means “Bigger.” The FIFA World Cup and the Summer Olympic Games

Questions over “Any Questions” Tweet

It is often said that the drug testing technology cannot keep up with those looking to gain an illegal advantage in sport. Is the same true of some sports administrators? It may not be any fault of their own, as

Yellow Jersey Will Not Turn Green

To many sports fans with a passing interest in Cycling the last two years of the Tour de France have really managed to capture the imagination, and on both occasions the winners have been worthy of the crown. Cadel Evans

Team mates, friends or enemies?

So now the Tour de France is all over Alberto Contador is victorious and he has told the world what he really thinks of Lance Armstrong. He is quoted as saying ‘My relationship with Lance is non-existent. Even if he

Contador – Probably the best cyclist in the world?

The blunder of the organisers of the Tour de France playing the Danish national anthem, when Spanish victor, Alberto Contador climbed the podium can easily be explained. They thought he was probably the best cyclist in the world and knew