Tottenham Hotspur

The Wisdom of Danny, – More Relevant Today Than Ever.

There are sadly less and less people who will know who Danny Blanchflower was, and if they do know the name, most will only know that he played for Tottenham Hotspur. Some will be aware that he represented Northern Ireland,

The Return of the Referee

Being a referee or an umpire in any sport is a thankless task, and one that few ever receive the respect or credit they deserve. The reason being that good officials are hardly noticed while bad ones stand out. In

Trials An Error?

Currently wherever you look it appears that National Premier League clubs are holding trials for all of their junior sides. The aim is to try and find some uncut diamond that will bring them success, before possibly being poached by

Do You Know What Love Is

What is it about Football that attracts undesirables? Football is the world game of that there can be no doubt, however the phrase becomes extremely tiresome as a promotional gambit in Australia. Football gives an undesirable the chance to elevate

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