The Right to Play God Puts the Olympic Ideal at Risk

There have been many debates over the years on how the professionalism of sport has killed the spectacle. Rather than a coach and an assistant coach of yesteryear the top teams around the world now have full time physios, sports

No Fun Being a Lady

There has been a huge debate on racism in sport in Australia over the past month, but what about sexism in sport in Australia? It was interesting to read during Wimbledon nine time champion of the tournament Martina Navratilova say

Wimbledon – Love It All

The great thing about historic events such as Wimbledon is that they always throw up moments to remember and some of them come away from the action on the court. For example this year you can buy a Ralph Lauren

High Five for Spain

Spain is rarely a nation at the top of the Olympic medal table when the closing ceremony is held, yet one individual is heading to London in the hope of becoming their most decorated Olympic athlete, and his name is

Sampras Loses Memories

It was sad to read at the weekend that tennis legend Pete Sampras had lost a large number of his trophies from and extremely illustrious career. But it was amazing to hear that this priceless pieces were stolen from a