Time to Actually Make Football the World Game in Australia

Why has the word “Ethnic” come to reflect all that is bad in Australian football? Just as with the dawn of the Football Federation the word “Soccer” was cast aside and “Football” became the word used, is it not time

Clubs are Crucial to the Community

Is Australia losing its competitive spirit, or simply following a worldwide trend? The recent Roy Morgan Research data revealed that only one in five Australians over the age of 14 regularly play competitive sport, a figure that is down 27%

Money’s Too Tight to Mention

They say money talks. This term is usually used when, in sporting terms, a club manages to sign a highly rated player, but have to pay over the odds to snare their signature. It is also used when a player

FIFA Underwhelms

The FIFA Presidential elections came and went last week and essentially proved a major anti-climax. There is a new face at the top of the game globally, Gianni Infantino, but what radical reforms are on the table if any? Where

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