Is Expansion and Restructure the Way Forward?

Fifteen years ago football fans in Australian dreamt of a new dawn for the game. The game was disjointed, it was corrupt and it was in disarray. Soccer Australia which was the game’s governing body was under immense pressure and

Are The Best Payers Replacing the Best Players?

Which countries have the biggest sporting influence on Australia? This is a very hard question to answer, at the turn of the last century the influence came very much from the United Kingdom. Despite denial from many, some sporting historians

FFA and FIFA Face Off

The wheels in sports administration move very slowly when they are asked to take action, but those under their control are expected to jump when the administrators come calling. It would appear that the Football Federation of Australia may well

Is This The End of The Matter?

“It’s a funny old game,” is a phrase constantly used in football and especially by Jimmy Greaves. Never was the term more appropriate in relation to the game than in Western Australia. However, not funny as in amusing, funny as

Is Relegation Likely to Become a Thing of the Past?

While the issue of promotion and relegation to the National Premier League of WA continues to be a major talking point in football on the West Coast of Australia it is interesting to note that it is also an issue

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