Prime Minister

Why Must Athletes Be Seen, But Not Heard?

How many Politicians have used sport to try and win favour with voters? Those who remember the Sydney Olympics will recall how then Prime Minister John Howard was like and Australian version of “Where’s Wally.” Except rather than wearing a

Subsidising Youth is The Way Forward

Last week Cricket Australia announced that the Big Bash League, their T20 competition will be expanded from 32 games to 40 in 2018. This means that each of the eight teams will now play five games away from home, and

Hold The Praise

Today Frank Lowy steps aside from his role as Chairman of the Football Federation of Australia. It is the end of an era, of that there can be no doubt. There are some who will say it was a magnificent

Quitting While Ahead?

They say that timing in sport is everything. This could also be true of sports administration. Last week former CEO of Australian Rugby and Football John O’Neill was inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame. Sport Australia Hall of

A Real Test

Cricket is synonymous with all that is true and honest in life, or it was. ‘It’s just not cricket’ has for years referred to having something that is unjust, or just plain wrong done to someone or something. ‘To play