A-League Clubs Hold The Key To Their Own Future, and Australian Football’s

Has Australian football grown to as big as it is going to get? This was a question posed by The Guardian’s Paul Connelly a few weeks ago in an interesting article. It is a valid question. David Gallop and the

Sitting it Out

In dancing parlance the Waltz is described ‘asĀ a smooth, progressive ballroom and folk dance, performed primarily in closed position.’ Closed position means ‘dancing with a partner and where both partiesĀ hold each other while facing at least approximately toward each other.’

Who’s The Boss?

They say that leaders are born not created. Ange Postecoglou is undoubtedly a great leader. Not only is he a great leader when one looks at the success he has had as a football coach at South Melbourne in the

Socceroos Make a Stand

It is extremely unfortunate that the Socceroos first visit to Perth in ten years has now been hijacked by a dispute between the Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) and the Football Federation of Australia (FFA). Thursday’s game will be an historic

A Chance to Be Heard, and to Influence the Future

Leadership comes from the top; but influence comes from those who in engage in what is happening. For decades the football community had complained that they had no say in the way that the game was being run, and they

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