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Sometimes the Simplest of Suggestions Make The Most Sense.

How often do you hear someone air an idea, and think that their idea makes a lot of sense? In fact it makes so much sense that it should be adopted. For a long time the powers that be running

Should Asian Players Be a Part of Hockey India League’s Expansion?

The Hockey India League 2016 came to a close on Sunday with Jaypee Punjab Warriors, who had lost the last two finals in a shoot out, finally lifting the trophy following a 6-1 – Field Goals being worth two –

Two Goal Rule Is It a Winner?

The Hockey India League is almost a third of the way through the 2016 edition. This year has seen a new innovation which was designed to encourage players to have more attempts on goal rather than force a penalty corner,

Can India Really Medal in Rio?

Sunday evening was a very special one for Hockey in India. In a truly remarkable game in which they were losing 2-0 at half time and 2-1 at three quarter time against world number two side the Netherlands, India went

Time to Fulfil Potential in Malaysian Hockey

Malaysian Hockey is facing a very real dilemma, and one that is common in modern sport. It is a dilemma which in a country where manners and protocols are so important is enmeshed in cultural mores as well. In 2013