Bigger Isn’t Always Better

The Olympic motto has always been Citius, Altius, Fortius, which is Latin for ” Faster, Higher, Stronger,” but is the latin word Maior about to be added? Maior which means “Bigger.” The FIFA World Cup and the Summer Olympic Games

Podcast #23 – A Schoolgirl’s All Australian Selection and So Much More

Podcast #23 – A Schoolgirl’s All Australian Selection and So Much More

Time for another Podcast, and on this show John and Ashley look back on the Olympics and the Paralympics and have differing opinions as to whether the two should merge or be held at different venues. Our guest on this

Far from Heaven with Seven

The number seven is often referred to as God’s own number, and is associated with divine completion and perfection. If only that was an apt description for Seven in Australia. The Rio Olympic Games are the 12th Olympic Games that

India Definitely One to Watch in Rio

Just over six months ago India had their first podium finish in a hockey tournament since 1982 when they won bronze at the Hockey World League finals. Suddenly there was talk as to whether the former powerhouse of World hockey

The Brexit Impact on British Sport – Opportunity or Catastrophe?

A lot of jokes have been made about England’s well choreographed exit from Europe coinciding with their exit from the Euros, but football is in fact the sport most likely to suffer due to the referendum result. Football has the

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