Not a Hat-Trick to Be Proud Of

In Baseball you have three strikes and you are out. In the modern-day workplace if you receive two warnings, a third indiscretion sees you shown the door. It would appear that in society, and in sport, the feeling is if

The Politics of Sport Could Learn from the Sport of Politics

If sports people are to be held up as role models, then so too should our politicians and leaders of industry. Equally if our politicians are to be held accountable and expected to be transparent with how they spend tax

And The Nominations Are… Non-Existant.

It should have come as no surprise to many the email received by State League clubs from Football West earlier this week stating, “we received only two nominations for the State League Standing Committee.” The email from Keith Wood the

Failing to Meet Expectations – The Non Profit League

When Football West launched their branch of the National Premier Leagues, the CEO Peter Hugg said “The start of the NPL WA represents the end of a long period of planning but there will continue to be a need for