The Competition for Dollars, Who Will be Disqualified

At the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games a series of images were used to embody what is known as the Olympic Spirit. One such image was of Tanzanian Marathon runner John Akwhari who in Mexico in 1968 famously came staggering into

Let the Children Play and The Coaches Coach

It is becoming an accepted fact that today’s young people do not take criticism well. Which means coaching young people has become much harder than it was in the past. Coaching the very young is still about giving children the

The Wisdom of Danny, – More Relevant Today Than Ever.

There are sadly less and less people who will know who Danny Blanchflower was, and if they do know the name, most will only know that he played for Tottenham Hotspur. Some will be aware that he represented Northern Ireland,

Sterling’s Real Value

While travelling in the past month the Raheem Sterling transfer from Liverpool was playing out in the Media. Now it is all settled and he has joined Manchester City. During the “negotiations” there was an interesting piece penned by the

India Must Stop the Coaching Merry-go-round. Next Appointment Crucial.

They say that being the Manager of the England football team is the toughest job in England and being the Australian Cricket Captain the most important job in Australia, if that is the case then the hardest job in India