Jamie Dwyer

Don’t Shoot Me, I’m Just the Player.

It is very rare for any athlete to win a best junior player, or rising star award and in the same year win the Player of the year award in their chosen sport. Socceroos great Mark Vuduka in the 1993-94

No HIL, Equals Hockey In Limbo

There will be no Hockey India League in 2018, if word out of India is correct. It is believed that last week Hockey India sent notice to the International Hockey Federation (FIH) to advise that there would be no League

Far from Heaven with Seven

The number seven is often referred to as God’s own number, and is associated with divine completion and perfection. If only that was an apt description for Seven in Australia. The Rio Olympic Games are the 12th Olympic Games that

Podcast #18 – The Secret Behind the Wildcats Success, and So Much more

Podcast #18 – The Secret Behind the Wildcats Success, and So Much more

Time for another Podcast and again there is plenty to talk about as we look at the Western Force’s form and future.(Only assured today after this was recorded). We discuss the Socceroos performance against England and player ratings in newspapers

Specialisation Is Not Fun

Why do we play sport? There are a number of different reasons. Some play to stay fit, some play to be a part of a team or a community, and a small minority play for a living. Many in that

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