Time to Actually Make Football the World Game in Australia

Why has the word “Ethnic” come to reflect all that is bad in Australian football? Just as with the dawn of the Football Federation the word “Soccer” was cast aside and “Football” became the word used, is it not time

Power the Most Corruptive Drug in Sport

Is it time for change in World Sport? The Olympic Games, although only a few days old have already shown how horribly out of touch some of those governing sport are with the fans of the sports they represent, as

Time to Accentuate the Positive

Nobody likes a whinger, especially Australians. Unfortunately Perth Glory are beginning to get a reputation for whingeing. First up they were upset that they were not given the hosting rights for the FFA Cup final played at the weekend. Their

Finding National Pride

The rugby world cup is now at its halfway stage, and in terms of crowds the tournament has been a success. Yet has it converted people to the code, or have those new to the game simply bought tickets to

Premiere of “Fight in the Dog”

The Rugby World Cup is well and truly underway, and it is proving to be an event that appears to have come of age. The second tier nations proving far more competitive than in pervious competitions. One wonders who far