No Longer Is It About Talent Alone

It is a known fact that recruiters in the high profile sports in the USA spend months following prospective signings, monitoring their behaviour to make sure that they have not only the right player, but the right personality attached to

The Competition for Dollars, Who Will be Disqualified

At the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games a series of images were used to embody what is known as the Olympic Spirit. One such image was of Tanzanian Marathon runner John Akwhari who in Mexico in 1968 famously came staggering into

Communication, Good or Bad?

Communication in the corporate world used to be very straighforward, there was the spoken word face-to-face or by telephone and there was the written word in a letter, newsletter or in sport a match day program. With the arrival of

To Tweet or Not To Tweet

They say that an athlete’s time at the top is limited so it is only fair that they make hay while the sun shines. Yet the dawn of social media has created a storm cloud which could harm the harvest.

Different Views of the Same Event

In sport we a rare constantly bombarded with superlatives, but surfer Mick Fanning’s encounter with a shark surpassed any superlative that any commentator or reporter could muster. Credit should be given to the organisers of the J-Bay Open World Surf