A State of Indifference?

Western Australia has a proud footballing history. Fifty years ago this year the State became the first Australian representative team to compete in an Asian tournament, the Merdeka Cup in Malaysia. The Socceroos had been invited but had to decline,

It Doesn’t Add Up

Mathematics is certainly not our strong point, but with a limited knowledge of this subject there are a few things that simply don’t add up. A year ago Football West decided to start stating how many people were playing football

Urbanisation of the Olympic Games or Pandering to the Youth?

In August the International Olympic Committee announced that Baseball for men and Softball for women will return to the Olympic Games in Tokyo. There was no great surprise there as the sport is massive in Japan. Also being introduced are

Texting The Key to Rio’s Success

Many Australians best knowledge of Indonesia comes from a trip to Bali. Here they may or may not be impressed with the scooter skills of the locals, but it is in a car that 23 year old Rio Haryanto hopes

Merging of Leagues Could Benefit Asia

Football in Asia is, despite all the hype, a long way behind Europe, South America and even Africa. The fact that even its biggest event The Asian Cup did not have every game televised in every Asian country shows that

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