Ian Botham

Too Hot In The Kitchen? So Should Cook Leave?

Some of the best ideas and some of the worst too are aired over a beer. During the recent Perth Ashes Test Match when Alastair Cook failed again and England’s bowling was far from penetrating there were plenty who were

The Wisdom of Danny, – More Relevant Today Than Ever.

There are sadly less and less people who will know who Danny Blanchflower was, and if they do know the name, most will only know that he played for Tottenham Hotspur. Some will be aware that he represented Northern Ireland,

It Should Never Have Come to This

It is always a sad day when any situation in sport ends up going to court, after all it is supposed to be just a game. It is not life or death, although as we all know there is big

Prolonging the Game

Another Ashes series comes to a close and once again the final test match raised a lot of talking points. The selectors were slammed for picking Peter Siddle ahead of the younger Pat Cummins. Yet Siddle showed everyone why he

Vale Graham Dilley

It was with great sadness that we read about the passing of former England cricketer Graham Dilley after a short illness aged just 52. Who can forget those flowing blonde locks as he came into bowl and that high left