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A-League Clubs Hold The Key To Their Own Future, and Australian Football’s

Has Australian football grown to as big as it is going to get? This was a question posed by The Guardian’s Paul Connelly a few weeks ago in an interesting article. It is a valid question. David Gallop and the

For Love Not Money

In Modern day sport it is almost unthinkable that New Zealand’s All Blacks or Brazil’s football team would find themselves without a sponsor, especially on the eve of a major tournament. Yet sadly arguably Australia’s most successful sporting team the

Wily Fox?

Credit to Fox Sports for trying to promote the upcoming Wallabies Test matches against England, but to many born in England their attempt is regrettably on the nose. For a start English Rugby fans will always distance themselves from the

Limit Gimmicks

Sports fans in the main are traditionalists. Many like to see sport remain comparable to days gone by so that feats and records continue to have meaning. Sports administrators are constantly striving to attract more people to their particular sport,

A-League’s Television Conundrum

The teenage years are always troublesome and it would appear that the A-League is going to be and extremely troublesome teenager for the Board and powers that be at the FFA. Clubs owners are still losing money hand over fist,

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