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Not a Hat-Trick to Be Proud Of

In Baseball you have three strikes and you are out. In the modern-day workplace if you receive two warnings, a third indiscretion sees you shown the door. It would appear that in society, and in sport, the feeling is if

Is Change Around the Corner?

The good news is that Football West has finally announced a date for its AGM, the one that should have by law been held in 2016, it will be held on March 31st. This happens to be the very last

Open to Interpretation

There is an old saying that rules are to be obeyed by the foolish and are guidelines for the wise. There are many in various walks of life in Western Australia, Australia and the world who live by this code.

The Time For Change is Now.

” Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into” is a line made famous by Laurel and Hardy. Whenever Oliver Hardy uttered those words, Stan Laurel would burst into tears. Laurel and Hardy were a comedy double act. Sadly

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