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Sometimes the Simplest of Suggestions Make The Most Sense.

How often do you hear someone air an idea, and think that their idea makes a lot of sense? In fact it makes so much sense that it should be adopted. For a long time the powers that be running

Is it Time for Free Kick Specialists?

Last week we heard the ideas of FIFA’s Director General of Technical Development, Marco van Basten, and the changes he would like to see made to the World Game. Some have been accepted as improving the game, some have been

Should Asian Players Be a Part of Hockey India League’s Expansion?

The Hockey India League 2016 came to a close on Sunday with Jaypee Punjab Warriors, who had lost the last two finals in a shoot out, finally lifting the trophy following a 6-1 – Field Goals being worth two –

Two Goal Rule Is It a Winner?

The Hockey India League is almost a third of the way through the 2016 edition. This year has seen a new innovation which was designed to encourage players to have more attempts on goal rather than force a penalty corner,

Can India Really Medal in Rio?

Sunday evening was a very special one for Hockey in India. In a truly remarkable game in which they were losing 2-0 at half time and 2-1 at three quarter time against world number two side the Netherlands, India went