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Time to Actually Make Football the World Game in Australia

Why has the word “Ethnic” come to reflect all that is bad in Australian football? Just as with the dawn of the Football Federation the word “Soccer” was cast aside and “Football” became the word used, is it not time

Trialling Players – The Jury is Out

Last week retired Matildas midfielder, Joey Peters spoke out against teenagers being trialled at international level, feeling that the pressure put on these young players was unfair, and also resulted in an early burn-out in their careers. Peters comes from

Fall Comes After Lack of Pride

Brian Clough’s reign at Leeds United was famously only 44 days. Sam Allardyce’s time as England Manager was only 67 days and one match old when he was shown the door by the English FA. Clough coached seven games at

A-League Needs to Review Salary Cap

There are many who are claiming that Perth Glory’s punishment for breaching the Salary Cap in the A-League could be a watershed moment for the competition, and they could well be right. It is pleasing to hear that Perth Glory