Bigger Isn’t Always Better

The Olympic motto has always been Citius, Altius, Fortius, which is Latin for ” Faster, Higher, Stronger,” but is the latin word Maior about to be added? Maior which means “Bigger.” The FIFA World Cup and the Summer Olympic Games

This Sporting Life

If current players influence the players of the future, and the top coaches of the past and today influence many coaching and planning to coach, who influences sports administrators? This may seem a strange question, but personally I am greatly

Faster, Higher, Stronger, But Make Sure You Bring Home a Medal!

Last week the Australian Olympic Committee announced that Australia is set to double its medal haul from the London Olympic Games. A very bold statement a year out from the Olympic Games in Rio. The AOC’s benchmark study predicts 13

Questions over “Any Questions” Tweet

It is often said that the drug testing technology cannot keep up with those looking to gain an illegal advantage in sport. Is the same true of some sports administrators? It may not be any fault of their own, as

Breaking away From the Peleton

The French State Railway company SNCF has made an official complaint to French prosecutors after demanding police action against “Irresponsible” Paris-Roubaix cycle race riders. Riders were confronted by the barrier coming down across a railway track at Waller 87km from