A-League Clubs Hold The Key To Their Own Future, and Australian Football’s

Has Australian football grown to as big as it is going to get? This was a question posed by The Guardian’s Paul Connelly a few weeks ago in an interesting article. It is a valid question. David Gallop and the

The Danger of Team Slogans

Has modern day sport lost its focus? What is more important, crowd numbers, membership numbers or performances on the pitch? Some will tell you it will depend on who you talk to at the various clubs. The CEO will tell

Warne to Drive the Bus?

If only more people paid attention to what people said in the past, and reminded them of those comments when suddenly when it suits they flip to the opposite point of view. Who can forget Shane Warne’s tempestuous relationship with

The Final Whistle

Sport is so much more than a game. It is so much more than just entertainment. It teaches us so many lessons about life. It was the French writer Albert Camus who played in goal who said “Everything I know about

Long Term Vision Linked to Long Term Employment

Perth Glory today to revealed their four year strategy as a club, and by all accounts there are some lofty goals. Nothing wrong with that, as the saying goes “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you will land

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