The Wisdom of Danny, – More Relevant Today Than Ever.

There are sadly less and less people who will know who Danny Blanchflower was, and if they do know the name, most will only know that he played for Tottenham Hotspur. Some will be aware that he represented Northern Ireland,

Adapting to the Rules or Adapting to the Game, Which is More Important?

The great thing about football is that it has always been a very simple game. For some reason the game could not just be left as it was in Australia. The FFA were forced to introduce a Cup competition, which

Glory Pathway Proving To Be An Uphill One

Any sporting competition should always come down to merit. That is the whole essence of competition. The best claim the spoils. If you want to participate in a sport where results are irrelevant then you may as well simply arrange

Sacrificing the Olympic Dream

So many Athletes dream of the Olympics and many have that dream shattered by coaches, but how many sacrifice that Olympic dream over a principle and shocking administration, from the sport’s governing body. Basketball Australia should hang their heads in

Blowing His Trumpet Not His Whistle

They say a good referee is one that you don’t notice. Four years ago, and especially in Perth the name Jarred Gillett was on the lips of many football fans after he controversially awarded a penalty in the 95th minute

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