Fighting For the Future of Boxing

Today the future of Boxing hangs in the balance. For decades the sport of Boxing has attracted top actors, singers, and writers at ringside, but in amongst the famous have lurked many well known underworld faces as well. For well

Nothing Without Passion

Bernard Tomic’s recent comments have many hot under the collar, but once again do they come as a surprise? Tomic is simply another example of a modern athlete receiving all the rewards before they have actually achieved anything. Tomic may

Vale Muhammed Ali

Muhammed Ali was in his own words the Greatest. Many agree when it comes to boxing. It was sad to read of his passing at the start of the weekend. It was also sad to have met him two or

A win for Mayweather, But was it a Win for Boxing?

Sport is supposed to be clear cut, a winner and a loser, sometimes the loss is unlucky sometimes controversial. To many Floyd Mayweaher junior’s victory over Mannny Pacquiao was controversial. There are many who proclaim to know boxing who will