How Do You Like Your Cricket?

This Summer Cricket fans have been lucky to have a choice of broadcasters to choose from to listen to the Ashes series on radio. There has been as always the ABC, then we have had access to the BBC online

Far from Heaven with Seven

The number seven is often referred to as God’s own number, and is associated with divine completion and perfection. If only that was an apt description for Seven in Australia. The Rio Olympic Games are the 12th Olympic Games that

A Photo Kills a Thousand Words

Sometimes the best laid marketing plans can be undone in the simplest of ways. In 1989, after much hype Pepsi launched a television commercial using the hottest person in Pop at the time, Madonna. The advert aired in prime time

Kenya Believe It?

The Sydney 2000 Olympics are when the Paralympics are said to have come of age, and there is no doubt that in London in 2012 they were warmly received by sports fans. The television coverage by Channel Four in the

Chosen To Stay Or Leave?

Chelsea’s tally of four points from a possible 15 means in the Barclay’s Premier League means that Jose Mourinho’s side have made their worst start to a top-flight season since 1986. Last year when Chelsea won the BPL they only

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