Alessandro del Piero

A-League Clubs Hold The Key To Their Own Future, and Australian Football’s

Has Australian football grown to as big as it is going to get? This was a question posed by The Guardian’s Paul Connelly a few weeks ago in an interesting article. It is a valid question. David Gallop and the

Entering a Minefield.

Ask any coach, in any sport, why he recruits a player to be a part of his team, and the answers will be different, but they will undoubtedly be similar. Some will want to build their team around that particular

Real Strategy or Just Politics?

On the eve of the Football Federation of Australia (FFA) releasing its Strategic Plan for 2016-19, Australian icon Tim Cahill hit out at the game’s governing body accusing them of “wasted opportunities” and a “lack of vision.” It has been

A-League Clubs Right to Bench Ronaldinho

Take a bow A-league clubs for making one of the most sensible decisions since the commencement of the League, rejecting World Cup Winner Ronaldinho. There are many who are up in arms that the former World Cup winner and two

The Most Wanted Man in the A-League

He is hated by opposition fans throughout the A-League yet he is the player virtually every fan would love to have playing for their team. The man in question is Besart Berisha. Berisha is undoubtedly the best foreign striker to

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