Time to Actually Make Football the World Game in Australia

Why has the word “Ethnic” come to reflect all that is bad in Australian football? Just as with the dawn of the Football Federation the word “Soccer” was cast aside and “Football” became the word used, is it not time

World Cup Expansion Makes No Sense.

Since when has FIFA listened to what the fans want? Their decision to push on and expand the World Cup Finals from 32 teams to 48 is diluting the competition as a whole, and will most likely mean that the

Games Without Frontiers

Over the years we have seen Politicians use Sport to gain popularity, but sport is not linked to political persuasions, and is rarely played on religious grounds. Sport is something that has the power to unite and have people put

The Brexit Impact on British Sport – Opportunity or Catastrophe?

A lot of jokes have been made about England’s well choreographed exit from Europe coinciding with their exit from the Euros, but football is in fact the sport most likely to suffer due to the referendum result. Football has the

Will Arrests Lead to Global Change?

For many football fans the arrest of FIFA officials in Zurich yesterday was the best news they had received for a very long time. Yet just like organised crime it appears that the “Godfather” of football, the man at the