The Narrow Pathway

There is a phrase going around in sport at present that it is the best payers who are being selected to play for teams ahead of the best players. Many feel that this is how sport has evolved as a

Boycotting the Cup to Survive

There is a conundrum that seems to be effecting a number of sports worldwide. The teams at the top of all sports have, often deservedly, a great deal more than those below them. More money, better players, better facilities, and

Administrators on the Move

There are many former athletes and coaches who will tell you how limited the opportunities are in sport when that phase of your career comes to an end. In fact Cricket writer David Frith explored this very issue in his

McGarry Wins for Glory, only to Lose his Job

Winning has been something that has evaded Perth Glory since the birth of the Hyundai A-League; although they have made the finals of the Pre-season cup, The FFA Cup and also one Grand Final. Even the Youth League side coached