2022 World Cup

Your Number’s Up

Last night was an all time low for Australian football. The sight of the numbers falling off Brisbane Roar’s shirts during their Asian Champions League (ACL) fixture was not laughable, it was downright embarrassing. While there is talk about whether

Power the Most Corruptive Drug in Sport

Is it time for change in World Sport? The Olympic Games, although only a few days old have already shown how horribly out of touch some of those governing sport are with the fans of the sports they represent, as

Blatter Must Go – But Who Can Take Charge?

One day privileges, the next day protestations of innocence. This has become the path of the average FIFA Executive. To be fair it is not far removed from the average player these days, who only wants to talk when the

The Long Resignation

Following the arrests of some of FIFA’s top executives almost three months ago many fans of the world game felt sure that change was just around the corner. Nothing could be further than the truth. It is totally sickening to

Change in Direction Could be Costly For Australia

These are interesting times for Football. The arrests of key executives from FIFA have been a long time coming, but ultimately they have had the desired effect and that is to see the resignation of Sepp Blatter. There is no