Podcast #9 – An Academy for Country Talent and So Much More…

We are back with another show!

On this Podcast we catch up with Martin Fitzsimons from the Midwest Academy of Sport based in Geraldton. This facility has not been open that long and yet its goals are admirable in trying to nuture talent but also protect the athlete. WE also talk to The Manchester United Supporters Club’s Lee Stroud. It may seem incredible but the Supporters Club in Perth folded several years ago and Lee and a few other fans have worked hard to create a new club and bring United fans to gather on a match day. They have also assisted in bringing their first ex player to Perth, Paul Parker. (Tickets)

As usual there is plenty to discuss. We discuss the issue of State representative sides having to pay to play for Western Australia and whether sport is now becoming only for the wealthy. The rugby World Cup gets some attention as well as the dumbest trophy ever created “The Long Distance Derby Cup,” and on a positive note how Kevin Muscat and Tim Cahill helped a dying man. We also discuss whether children with talent should be given the chance to play above their age and whether it indeed helps their development.


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Podcast #9 – An Academy for Country Talent and So Much More…

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