Podcast #47 – Hockey In Pakistan, The New Socceroos Coach and the Influence of Betting on Sport

We’re inching closer to our 50th podcast and our 500th overall show.

As usual there is plenty to talk about in the World of Sport, in fact some would say too much. One thing is for sure there is always going to be a difference of opinions.

As many followers of sport will know Pakistan sport has suffered greatly due to the political instability in their country, touring sides have not travelled there due to safety concerns. Last month in a move to try and break down some barriers and also to try and encourage nations to consider going back to Pakistan a World Hockey team made up of players from yesteryear and some still playing travelled there to take on the development sides. This was the first international Hockey seen in Pakistan since 2004. Former Kookaburra and Olympic Gold medallist Grant Schubert was one of those invited to play and who accepted the invitation. We chat to him about the whole experience and whether this will in deed help Pakistan hockey.

In our topics under discussion Ashley applauds the decision by the FFA to appoint Bert van Marwijk – despite calling him Brian! – as Socceroos coach but questions the wisdom of a short term appointment and where that will leave the team and the game after the World Cup in Russia later this year. What happened if he and the team have a great tournament? Surely Australia would want him to stay rather than revert to a local coach, which is by all accounts already a done deal. Surely football in Australia should be looking to employ the best for the Socceroos long term future?

John turns his attention to betting in sport and the impact that it is having on games, and not in a positive way. There is no doubt that the way betting is so heavily linked to sport is becoming questionable, and some sporting organisations need to look at the situation now, and start trying to control it within their sport or despite the money it brings in, there will be a bigger price to pay in the future.

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Podcast #47 – Hockey In Pakistan, The New Socceroos Coach and the Influence of Betting on Sport
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2 thoughts on “Podcast #47 – Hockey In Pakistan, The New Socceroos Coach and the Influence of Betting on Sport

  • February 8, 2018 at 9:46 am

    Thank you.

  • February 8, 2018 at 9:31 am

    Another good listen. Keep them coming. Betting should be banned from advertising alongside sport, as cigarettes were in my opinion.

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