Podcast #46 – Baseball’s expansion, England Cricket, and the Future of Sport on TV.

Welcome to our first Podcast for 2018.

This is our 13th year on air and we are fast approaching our 50th podcast and our 500th overall show.

As usual there is plenty to talk about in the World of Sport, and there will always be a difference of opinions.

On this show we catch up the CEO of Baseball Australia, Cam Vale, who shares with us the sport’s plans for Asian expansion, and new ownership of the existing teams around the country. With Baseball back in the Olympic Games in 2020 at Tokyo, the timing could not be better for a push into Asia. The interesting thing about these plans is they do not involve Australian teams going overseas.

In our topics under discussion Ashley looks at the performance of England during the Ashes series and asks whether England came into the series under-prepared. He questions whether Joe Root is the right man to lead England, and is it right that once the Ashes series ended players stay on in Australia to work on television or radio? Should players be retired before being given such opportunities?

After our chat with Cam Vale the conversation meanders to where sport is headed in terms of where people are watching their sport. Are the lifeblood television deals going to become a thing of the past? Will it be that the sports that are already tapped into the digital landscape will be the ones to thrive?

We also try and fathom out how Hockey’s Pro League is going to make money and how the players are going to get paid.

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Podcast #46 – Baseball’s expansion, England Cricket, and the Future of Sport on TV.
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  • January 16, 2018 at 1:18 pm

    Enjoyed that.

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