Podcast #36 – A Young Western Australian Looks Back On A First Season in England, The Western Force, and Sharing the Spoils

There has certainly been plenty to talk about in sport of late, and much of it happening off the pitch. Which gives us plenty to discuss.

On this show our guest is another young Western Australian that backed himself and went to England to try and fulfil his dream of becoming a professional footballer and managed to land a contract at Championship side Reading FC, his name is Liam Driscoll. It has been a fantastic first year for Liam as you will hear.

In our topics under discussion Ashley looks at the facts that Rugby League, Cricket, the A-League owners and the Australian hockey team are all looking for a bigger slice of the television and sponsorship pie. Are their demands unreasonable or are the various sports being over administrated? Have these sports administrators banked too heavily on television revenue supporting them financially and failed to bring in other revenue streams?

John looks at the Australian Rugby Union and their decision to drop the moratorium on signing players before deciding whether the Western Force or Melbourne Rebels will remain in Super Rugby. He calls for the board to step aside for making the decision to expand the Super Rugby competition, and now what appears to be a decision that will kill rugby in Western Australia. With the ARU saying they will honour all contracts should the Western Force be aggressive in the market signing players?

At the time of posting our Poll asking who was the best import at Perth Glory has Andy Todd and Edgar Junior level, both with 21% of the votes. Close behind are Diego Castro, Andre Gumprecht and Steve McGarry. (The Glory’s Best Imports)

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Podcast #36 – A Young Western Australian Looks Back On A First Season in England, The Western Force, and Sharing the Spoils

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