Podcast #30 – The New Perth Stadium Under the Spotlight… Plus more.

We are back with another show and plenty to talk about on this show.

We must apologise once again that there was a technical glitch on the last podcast – which was subsequently fixed – when it came to the interview with Richard Wassell. Hopefully you went back and had a listen when it was fixed as Richard is one of only three Western Australians representing Australia at the Invictus Games.

The new Perth Stadium looks fantastic from a distance and those lucky enough to have had a tour of the new state of the art facility have said that inside is equally impressive. Construction has moved along with little reported in the media of any major issues. However sports fans are an inquisitive bunch so we thought now would be the ideal time to find out more about how everything has been set up when it does open for business. Ashley caught up with the Director General of the Department of Sport and Recreation, Ron Alexander to find out more about the Perth Stadium.

Should administrators have a code of behaviour similar to the players who operate beneath them? There has been a very public spate between the Australian Sports Commission and the Australian Olympic Committee heads and one wonders if this is appropriate behaviour from two such powerful men. Should such positions have a pre-determined length of tenure?

Did you care about the Green v Mundine fight? Should the slanging match continue post fight? Have some sections of the media been sucked into discussing this non-event. Even “Not The Footy Show” is guilty of this accusation as we look at some of the post fight issues.

Thank you to those of you who took the time to give us feedback on the new format and remember we are always open to suggestions on topics to discuss. Feedback is always welcome.

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Podcast #30 – The New Perth Stadium Under the Spotlight… Plus more.

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