Podcast #29 – The Invictus Games, Football, Water Polo and How Sex Matters

Where has the time gone? February alread!

Thank you to those of you who took the time to give us feedback on the new format and remember we are always open to suggestions on topics to discuss. Feedback is still welcome.

Our special guest on this show is a man we have spoken to on a number of occasions as he has gone about overcoming adversity to break world records. Richard Wassell was in the navy when he had a stroke that has resulted in him losing the use of one arm. Yet he has won medals and broken world records in rowing. HIs latest achievement has seen him selected for the Invictus Games in Canada later this year. Not the Footy Show’s Ashley Morrison caught up with Richard to hear more about the Games and the vents he will be participating in.

Other topics discussed on the show are the FFA’s meeting with FIFA and the A-League clubs push for another vote at the FFA table. What are the ramifications of this and how will it affect the game as a whole? How much is this issue due to Frank Lowy ignoring the recommendations of the Crawford Report?

Imagine the situation where you are selected for a state team, the joy you would feel. Then you hear that you can no longer compete because your male counterparts cannot raise a team and the competition rules say that each state must have a male and a female team. A situation that happened in Water Polo, and one that comes under the microscope in this show.

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Podcast #29 – The Invictus Games, Football, Water Polo and How Sex Matters
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