Podcast #27 – Golf, Football, Hockey and Cricket to round off the year

The last podcast for 2017 and as usual plenty to talk about.

We have one guest on the show and that is Nathan Kadak to talk about the World First World Super 6 Perth Golf tournament coming to town in February. This is a revolutionary event in the world of golf and it will be played for the first time here in Perth. Will it become the Hopman Cup of Golf? Check it out tickets on sale soon.

In Cricket we recently had “lollygate” and the question of ball tampering. Does sucking a mint really help the ball swing? John and Ashley discuss.

Then there was the late replacement of Pakistan by Malaysia at the Junior Hockey World Cup, was everything done to ensure that Pakistan attended the event or has politics again crossed into the world of sport.

Then closer to home has been the debacle relating to promotion to the National Premier Leagues of WA involving Subiaco, Joondalup United and latterly Mandurah City. Since the show was recorded there have been further developments, but it is more unwanted publicity for the game.

We hope that you enjoy the show and that you will download any previous shows you missed out on. Let us know any topics you would like discussed before we resume in 2017.

Wishing each and everyone a Happy Christmas and a wonderful 2017.

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Podcast #27 – Golf, Football, Hockey and Cricket to round off the year
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