Podcast #25 – Gridiron, Squash, Kabaddi and so much more…

Time for another Podcast and for this episode we have two fantastic guests.

First up we have Phoebe Schecter, American born, yet she had never played Gridiron until she moved to the UK. She is now not only Captain of the GB Women’s team, but also plays for both a Women’s and men’s team. She is also the first female head coach of a Women’s American Football team in the UK. This is a lady who never rests on her laurels. She was also in India recently as one of the coaches for the England Men’s Kabaddi team where Ashley caught up with her, and she is heading back to India as Captain of the England Women’s Circle Kabaddi team. This is one inspirational lady.

Also on the show we catch up with a man whose career we have followed since going on air, and it has had its ups and downs due to injury. However squash player Zac Alexander is back in Australia now, and has had a remarkable year taking out seven tournaments around the country. Zac is also now working with Squash Australia who have put a number of things in place to help grow the game and safeguard its future.

Apart from the guests John and Ashley share their views on a little rugby, a little football here in WA and nationally and also some cricket and the just started test series versus South Africa.

Hope you enjoy the show.

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Podcast #25 – Gridiron, Squash, Kabaddi and so much more…
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