Plenty Of Storm Clouds Over Qatar.

The hosting of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar has already received plenty of negative coverage, relating to the heat issues, homophobia, and the number of deaths to migrant construction workers. Now a new storm is brewing and one that will have FIFA watching the World Cup Qualifiers very closely.

A the recent Swimming World Cup held in the capitol Doha the Qatari hosts refused to display the name “Israel” during television broadcasts and removed all of the Israeli flags from outside of the venue.

The International Swimming Association,(FINA) have since issued strong warnings to Qatar and neighbouring Dubai where Israeli athletes also suffered discrimination.

FIFA will no doubt be hoping that Israel do not qualify for the 2022 tournament or it will be similar to 1966 where the North Korea flag was not flown at the hosting venues and the national anthem was not played.

Many believe that FIFA need to act now as only a week or so ago Vitesse Arnhem’s Israeli born defender Dan Mori was refused entry to Dubai for a serious of friendlies in Abu Dhabi with his club, as the United Arab Emirates do not recognise Israel as a state.

Plenty Of Storm Clouds Over Qatar.

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