Playing to Type

Some fans may debate the comment that a lot of thought goes into the design of their favourite football team’s strip. Even down to the type face used for the numbers on the back of the shirt. Certainly as a commentator there have been times when one has wished that more thought had been given to this particular issue!

Believe it or not football and typography have a long history. A great deal of thought went into Real Madrid using comic sans this season on the back of their shirts. Even the font used for England’s shirt numbers in the 1980’s.

A limited edition book Football Type has been released celebrating this relationship and money raised from sales will go to the UK Charity Football Foundation. Only 1000 copies of the book will be produced, each will be numbered with official Premier league lettering. Many key numbers have already been reserved by former players wanting their favourite number, but if you wish to find out more visit

For graphic designer football fans it should be a must.


Playing to Type
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