Perth plays part in Southampton demise

Forget about needing a miracle to become a saint, Southampton will need one to stay afloat and sadly Perth in Western Australia could well have played a part in the club’s demise.

This week Southampton were docked 10 points by the Football League for going into administration earlier in the month. Southampton Leisure Holdings Ltd appointed administrators but did not believe this would affect the club as they claimed it was unaffected, however the Football league on its website stated that the holding company and the club were “Inextricably linked as one economic entity,” and therefore the usual penalty should be imposed.

So what does this have to do with Perth in Western Australia? Southampton set up an academy in Perth in the hope of unearthing some young Australian talent, but after seeing the funds allocated spiralling out of control they pulled the pin. It is believed that the costs had blown out to in excess of one million pounds when they withdrew. Bad management by the club or the academy, who knows? But no doubt that million would be most welcome at this point in time.

Perth plays part in Southampton demise
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