Paying A Price?

Sorrento coach Paul Price could find himself in a unique position tomorrow afternoon if his team can overcome perennial Grand Finalists Perth and win the All Flags State Premier League Championship.

The former Tottenham Hotspur FA Cup winner and Wales Captain Price, -Like “Not the Footy Show”- is a traditionalist- and has vocally declared in the past two years having lead the Western Knights to the League Premiership, that the team who is consistent over the home and away season is the one who deserves to be given the title of ‘Champions.’

He has done a remarkable job at Sorrento this season, making a team without stars an extremely competitive side, one that is fit and has a great belief in it’s abilities. Having won two League Premierships – we know he was not at the Knights to claim credit, but deserves it none the less – to take over at Sorrento and in his first season claim the Donate Blood Cup and make the Grand Final and possibly be crowned Champions is an outstanding achievement. Whatever the outcome he should be applauded and will hopefully be a major contender for the Coach of the year award.

How he reacts should Sorrento win, will be extremely interesting, will he regard Sorrento as Champions, or merely Grand Final winners? Judging by his comments after each victory as his team made it’s way to the Grand Final, he will still regard league premiers Balcatta as the Champions. For that he too deserves respect.

Paying A Price?
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