Losing to Win

“Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing,” is one of many quotes that are bandied about in sport. In fact motivational quotes about winning have become big business, either as posters, or in books complimented with great sporting photographs. It

Bigger Definitely Not Always Better

Sport should always be about quality rather than quantity. A glut of games does not guarantee the quality of the games. Sometimes the expansion of a competition can compromise the quality of the competition, and many of the games become

Two Number Twos

We have all watched live sport and often missed who got the final touch when a goal was scored. Usually when that happens someone close by is there to assist in identifying the scorer. Not so a week or so

Uncovering New Games

How many of you have ever heard of Mizo Inchai? No its not a person but a sport. One of the things Not the Footy has always enjoyed is finding obscure sports and featuring them on the show or the

Games Without Frontiers

Over the years we have seen Politicians use Sport to gain popularity, but sport is not linked to political persuasions, and is rarely played on religious grounds. Sport is something that has the power to unite and have people put

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