Over to You Jim

Many were surprised at the announcement of Irishman Jim Magilton as the Melbourne Victory’s coach replacing the sacked Mehmet Durakovic, but so far it would appear that it could be an inspired choice.

Magilton showed good Irish humour in his press conferences and has also made it clear that he is is his own man and is not impressed by reputations. He has also said that he likes to play a passing style of football which will get him on side with key sections of the media. Cleverly he tempered this by saying it will take time for the team to adapt to his style of play, which is a fair comment.

He has shown his quality in dealing with the media with a professionalism and confidence you would expect from someone who has coached and played in the top leagues in Europe. His appointment is undoubtedly refreshing.

Word out of the Victory camp is that he has made an immediate impression. The intensity at training has lifted and he has made an immediate impact on all the players.

Let us hope that is reflected on the park with a humdinger against Adelaide. Magilton could not only be a great choice for Victory, but also a breath of fresh air to the A League.

Over to You Jim
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