One Down Two To Go

Manny Pacquiao’s lopsided victory over Shane Mosley is a case of one down two to go. Following his bruising victory over Antonio Margarito in Dallas in November the whisper from Team Pacquiao was that there would be just three more visits to the ring for the Filipino World Champion.

This is why rumours that his next bout will see him back in the ring in six months time facing Mexican fighter Juan Manuel Marquez.

Marquez previously fought Pacquiao in May 2004 in the featherweight division, a fight that ended in a draw. They clashed again in the super featherweight division in 2008, which saw Marquez lose his WBC Super Featherweight champion to Pacquiao via split decision. Pacquiao wants to have another fight to erase all doubt that he won both fights and is the better boxer.

He still holds out hope of a bout against Floyd Mayweather but will retire and concentrate on his Political career if Mayweather’s management will not come to the party.

The Mayweather match up would be without doubt one of the most intriguing in World Boxing and a most lucrative opportunity for both fighters, but especially one who says he’s likely to retire ‘after a few more big bouts.’ It would be the ideal finish to a wonderful career and without doubt his biggest payday.

Mayweather is reportedly enjoying gambling his hard earned coin, and at present a fight looks unlikely. However a run of bad luck may well see his current stance shift. It would be the biggest gamble of his career, putting his reputation on the line, much as Marvin Hagler did when he fought Sugar Ray Leonard back in 1987.

Since the end of 2007 Pacquiao has won eight fights, beating an array of quality fighters greats from Oscar De La Hoya to Marquez and Miguel Cotto. Mayweather has fought just twice in that time, enjoying a brief retirement before beating Marquez and dominating Mosley on May 1, 2010.

One Down Two To Go
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