Olympic Spirit Will be Missed

The Olympic spirit was all about having a go and being proud of your achievements and also building friendships and relationships that last a lifetime. Many of these ideals are things of the past in this world of highly paid – in many cases – finally tuned athletes.

One young lady who epitomises the Olympic spirit and will not be competing in London is Britain’s Sam Lowe.

Ms Lowe is a Commonwealth Games Gold medallist in Judo and was earmarked as medal hope in her chosen sport of Judo. Unfortunately injury saw her lose her funding, so she financed her own comeback. She gave motivational talks, coached and worked part time in a hotel to give herself the best chance of a place at the London Games. Last week she was told she would not be competing.

Rather than complain Ms Lowe is to be commended for accepting her fate. ” The process was fair, but I am very disappointed.” She reportedly said, and understandably so, but she is still an athlete of whom Baron Pierre de Courbetin would be proud.

Olympic Spirit Will be Missed
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