Not the Footy Show: 16 December 2009

As the year comes to an end we will look back on recent victories with some of our guests and the secret of longevity with the oldest man to play in the English Premier league.

Mike Corren has had a great year on the International Squash circuit and he will join us tonight to look back on a great year and how he has managed to rediscover a rich vein of form.

We will also be crossing to Europe to talk to Juerg Kihm, Coach of the Australian Women’s Floorball team who became World Champions at the weekend by winning B Division in Sweden. A wonderful achievement for all concerned.

We will also be talking to legendary goalkeeper and the oldest man to play in the English Premier League John Burridge, who now coaches the Oman national team’s goalkeepers.

Wais Cycling coach Darryl Benson will join us to discuss the cutting of key cycling events from the Olympic program, events at which Western Australian cyclists currently excel.

Brendan Hall is the skipper of the Spirit of Australia in the clipper round the world race and he will be joining us to give us an update on where they sit and what the crossing from South Africa was like.

Not the Footy Show: 16 December 2009
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