No Such Thing As A Free Ride

The Athletes commission of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as well as the International Ski Federation (FIS) have questioned the Winter Games Federation of India after it was revealed that Colonel (Rtd) JS Dhillion treasure of the association was to attend the Games in Sochi, Russia as coach to Cross Country Skier Nadeem Iqbal. The retired Colonel however had no experience in such a role.

An email was sent to the Winter Games Federation of India asking what qualifications the retired Colonel had to fulfil such a role. India by way of response opted to change the name of the nominated coach, and now former cross country ski champion and Olympian Tashi Lundup will fill the role.

“In events like the Olympics you need somebody with experience to be of help” Iqbal is reported to have commented on the change of coach.

No Such Thing As A Free Ride
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