No Smoke without Fine

Without trying to put people in pigeon holes, for as long as many can remember it was always the working man who liked to participate in local sport and watch his local team, and accompanying both those experiences would often be a few pints after the game and maybe a cigarette if he was a smoker.

This writer has never been a smoker and to be honest is not a fan of smoking, however he respects people’s right of choice. It would appear that smokers are being targeted again.

Not only do they have to leave the workplace to have a cigarette during the day; a process one research company worked out made them work for one hour less a day than their non-smoking c0-workers. Now in New South Wales whether attending a local football game or cheering on their favourite sporting club, smokers will not be welcome. All sport spectator areas in the state are now smoke-free.

New South Wales Minister for Sport and Recreation Stuart Ayres said that people may not be aware that smoking is now banned in all outdoor spectator areas of sports grounds during organised sports.

“Sport is all about health and fitness and enjoying time with family and friends. These bans protect everyone from harmful second-hand smoke,” he said.” Big or small – the smoking ban applies to organised sporting events of all sizes. A $300 on the spot fine may apply for anyone in breach of this law.”

Mr Ayres said there were no safe levels of exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke.

It will be very interesting to see how the NSW Government plans to enforce such a rule as in most public parks there is nothing to prevent a smoker having a cigarette.

One has to say that even though we know how harmful smoking can be to bring in such a law is really taking things too far. It is governance going to extremes that are ridiculous.

Two questions arise from this legislation, will the first person to be fined become a test case in court and secondly will other states around Australia follow this bold move.


No Smoke without Fine
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