No Longer Skirting the Issue

Sometimes it is better is sports administrators let common sense prevail and even better that they say nothing.

Badminton’s world body announced this week that it has shelved plans to force female players to wear skirts. The decision was made as they faced the possibility of controversy at the Olympics had they tried to enforce such a rule.

The Badminton World Federation caused uproar last year by trying to make dresses mandatory for female competitors in an attempt to attract more fans to the sport. The countries to stand up against such a ruling were China, Malaysia, Indonesia and India.

However it is understood that the BWF has urged competitors to ‘look their best for the cameras’ as they try to attract a greater television audience. They have decided to push competitors to take more care about their presentation.

Deputy President Paisan Rangsikitpho was quoted as saying “We just want to encourage women and men players to dress properly. We want them to dress nicely, professionally.”

Denmark’s Karina Jorgenson hit the nail on the head when at a recent event where the skirts debate was still raging when she was quoted as saying “It should be about what we do not what we wear.”

No Longer Skirting the Issue
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