New Balls Please?

Andy Murray’s major tennis success may have been a long time coming, but it would appear some people in British tennis have to go through a lot less heartache and hard work to receive monetary reward.

Lawn Tennis Association boss Roger Draper has come under heavy fire in the Uk especially from Sport England boss Jennie Price – a role Draper used to hold – as she placed the LTA on probation for government funding. She claimed his proposal for funding “simply isn’t strong enough to justify the four year investment.”

Criticism has been levelled at the LTA over their lack of development at grass roots level, but that has not stopped Draper rewarding himself with a GBP200,000 bonus on top of his GBP440,000 a year salary.

Baroness Billingham the Chair of the All Parliamentary Tennis Group has described the bonus as “Unthinkable” and the LTA as “Useless.”  So Draper is on shaky ground, yet UK Sports Minister Hugh Robertson still maintains the Football is the worst administered sport in the country, so with few heads rolling in football Draper could find his position safe for the time being.

New Balls Please?
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